How to Choose a Gigabit Network Switch?

How to Choose a Gigabit Network Switch?

Gigabit network switches are one of the most widely used devices on the market today. Type "Ethernet Switch" into any online shopping site or search engine to select a Gigabit Network Switch for your home, office or business network. You will find a wide selection of options, from high-end to mid-range and from cheap to expensive.

It is not easy to find one in your home, office or business network, especially in the United States where so many options are available, but it is worth it.

Types of Gigabit Network Switch

Gigabit Ethernet Switch can be divided into unmanaged, managed and PoE categories, you can choose a Gigabit network switch to avoid buying the wrong device and spending unnecessarily much money. Unmanaged switches use a plug-and-play design, meaning that they only allow communication between Ethernet devices. They are configured and do not allow any changes to the configuration.

This type of network switching is usually found in home networks and small businesses. Managed switches offer all the functions of an unmanaged switch, but are configured and managed for your own LAN.

The user must decide who has access to the data and behave in accordance with his personal privacy and security needs and those of the network.

PoE switches support both power and data transmission, which will greatly simplify the cabling process. With a network upgrade, users can have multiple connected devices on their desktop to get bandwidth - intensive applications that require fast data transfer, such as video, audio and video. PoE Switch is a basic requirement for modern wired networks, people do not have to worry about power outlets when using network devices. A Poe switch has the same power consumption as a conventional wired network, but much less space and power.

Features of Gigabit Network Switch

With new trends such as SDN and IoT changing the industry, people need to get all the features they need from the switch so they know it's what they need. Here are some of the key facts to consider when choosing a Gigabit network switch and how to choose it. It can also support cloud storage servers and connect to a variety of devices, from desktop computers to mobile devices to mobile phones.

The role of the switch can also be selected according to the size of your network and the number of Gigabit connections in the network.

How to Choose a Gigabit Network Switch?

If you are looking for only one device to extend your wired network in your home, an unmanaged switch is the way to go. If you want to find a switch for a larger network, you can buy one or more managed switches that act as the core of the switch. This is enough for a home network, but not enough for larger networks.

Gigabit switches have different processing rates, and processing and transmission rates are very important. The processing rate is lower, so the redirection rate of the switch must be selected. Gigabit switch, the forwarding rate increases with the number of gigabits, while the forwarding rate decreases.

Therefore, people should find the transfer rate they need before buying a gigabit switch. This means that the switch can no longer record the full wireless speed of communication in all ports.


For the reasons listed above, you know how to select a Gigabit network upgrade, but once you have decided which one you want to make for your network, visit FS - COM.

The FS - COM behaves exactly like the PoE switch, except for the addition of a Gigabit Ethernet port on the port side of the switch.