Canada, the second largest country in the world, with an increasing population every year, requires a robust and well-developed infrastructure for short and long-distance data transmission.
Especially, with the world’s recent events, e.g. when COVID-19 hit the world, the need for broader bandwidth was more tangible since more people were forced to work from home and hence higher bandwidth in residential areas is needed. By higher bandwidth, you will be able to achieve a higher data transfer rate which in turn leads to shorter download times.
Also, the rapid development of Smart Homes and the increasingly important role of smart devices in our lives are good motives to get on top of telecommunication science, so we can stay up to date.
High speed internet and reliable networks are become only possible by the advancement of optical fiber technology and that is where Ronita Technology steps in as a local manufacturer to cover all needs for customized pigtails and patch-cord as well as all types of connectors, attenuators, and adaptors.
Since the products are assembled locally, the delivery time for customized pigtail and patch cords are minimal and technical team support is always available.