EM300-ZLD Zone Leak Detection Sensor

EM300-ZLD Zone Leak Detection Sensor


Zone Leak Detection Sensor


  • Liquid Leak Detection
  • Probe & Rope Type
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • LoRaWAN® Wireless
  • 5/10 Years Battery Life
  • NFC for Configuring


Zone Leak Detection Sensor EM300-MCS Magnetic Contact Switch EM300-MCS Magnetic Contact Switch

Prevent Water Damage

Through instant water leak detection, the EM300-SLD/ZLD will help prevent potential water damage to properties or assets.

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

  • -30°C to 70°C
  • 0% to 100% RH

Adopts Sensirion industrial-grade digital sensor, providing ±0.3℃ high accuracy of temperature and ±3% RH of humidity

    IP67 Waterproof

    Equipped with IP67 rated enclosure to fit into more application scenarios
    Dustproof and Waterproof
    Industrial Grade Design



      1. Compatible with industry standard LoRaWAN® gateways
      2. With a range of up to 15 km in rural areas and 2 km in urban areas

      EM300-ZLD Zone Leak Detection Sensor


      Ultra Low Power Consumption

      Easily replaceable battery with up to 10 years service life

      • ER18505 4000 mAh Li-SOCl2 Battery
      • Dual Battery Holders (One Battery by Default)


      Easy to Use
      Switching on/off and configuring the device via NFC technology from mobile phone or PC

      1st Step
      Install the Milesight ToolBox

      2st Step
      Enable NFC and run ToolBox,
      attach your phone to the device.

      3st Step
      Verify the password and start configuring.


      Milesight IoT Cloud

      • Preventing potential water damage to properties or assets
      • Remote monitoring of temperature and humidity with a phone
      • Collaborative interaction with a variety of Milesight sensors
      • Android & iOS versions allow you to manage devices at your fingertips
      Research Laboratory / Archive / Base Station / Warehouse / Engine Room / Equipment Cabinet / Cold chain Logistics / The Mall / Workshop
        LoRaWAN® Frequency CN470/RU864/IN865/EU868/US915/AU915/KR920/AS923
        Tx Power 17dBm (470) / 16dBm (868) / 20dBm (915)
        Sensitivity -137dBm @300bps
        Mode OTAA/ABP Class A
        Leak Detection Type EM300-SLD: probe, spot detection
        EM300-ZLD: rope, zone detection
        Cable Length EM300-SLD: 1.5 m
        EM300-ZLD: 3 m
        (Optional cable lengths of hundred meters available)
        Temperature Measuring Range -30°C to+70°C
        Accuracy 0~70°C: ±0.3°C
        -30~0°C: ±0.6°C
        Resolution 0.1°C
        Humidity Measuring Range 0%~100% RH
        Accuracy ±3% (10~90%RH)
        ±5% (Other ranges)
        Resolution 0.10%
        Physical Characteristics Power Supply ER18505 Li-SOCl2 4000 mAh (8000 mAh optional)
        Battery Life ≧ 5 years ( for 1 battery)
        Operating Temperature -30°C to 70°C
        Ingress Protection IP67
        Dimension 88 × 87 × 27 mm
        Mounting Wall (screws or 3M adhesives)