April 2022

Q2: What is the scattering angle of the output of the EM310-UDL?
Answer: The maximum measured angle is 60 degrees.

March 2022

Q4: Can EM300 series store sensor’s data locally?
Answer: Not Supported now, if you need, please contact Milesight for software customization.

January 2022

Q3: Can the EM310-UDL be installed under the urban manhole cover and how about the signal interference?
Answer: Yes, EM310-UDL can be used in manhole cover scenarios, and there is a limit to the distance between the gateway and the node. Here are some installation recommendations:

  1. If you use Milesight gateways, please install long LoRa antenna and place to high location to get the best signal;
  2. Landscape plants will also interfere with the equipment signal to a certain extent, please ensure there are few obstacles between gateway and EM310-UDL sensors;
  3. The transmission distance of senor is about 7~800 meters in open conditions. In crowded cities, the distance is about 500 meters. Please place gateways referring to these distances.

December 2021

Q1: How to place EM310-UDL and EM500-UDL to ensure high accuracy?

Answer: It is recommended that the device is placed in where it is far away from the side-wall more than 30cm and without internal obstructions that block the ultrasonic signal.

Q12: Can EM310-UDL used to detect the growing height of lawn?
Answer: Not recommend, the height of the grass is inconsistent, there will be a certain measurement error.

November 2021

Q14: Is it possible for EM310 to read inclination angle?
Answer: Not supported now, but if you have certain project require this feature, you can contact Milesight sales for customization.

October 2021

Q6: Do you have sensor with triaxial accelerometer?
Answer: Yes, EM310-UDL equips with 3-axis accelerometer to detect the status of container cover.

Q16: Can the detection range of EM310-UDL or EM500-UDL be adjusted?
Answer: No, the detection range of ultrasonic cannot be adjusted.

Q18: Can we use EM310-UDL to detect moving vehicles?
Answer: No, ultrasonic cannot be used for moving detection because of doppler effect.


Q7: What kind of battery fit for the EM300?
Answer: EM300 series senor uses ER18505 lithium battery, which voltage is 3.6V.