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Are You Prepared Well, Honestly?

Climate change is already affecting the entire world

Projections made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in August 2021 indicate that the average global temperature may rise more than 1.5 degrees by as early as 2030. The result would be weather events more extreme than we have ever experienced before, such as drought, heat waves, heavy rains, floods, landslides and many more.

As the world falls into uncertainty,
a threatening energy crisis is having a profound impact on all aspects of life
As electricity prices soar, spending on the energy crisis extends to massive utility bailouts. Countries are putting policies in place to curb the impact of rising prices on households and businesses. These policies include everything from cost-of-living subsidies to wholesale price regulation.


 “Humanity has the ability to make development sustainable to ensure that it meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

-UN Brundtland Report from 1987 (UN 1987: 27).

Alleviate Energy Crisis with AIoT Technology

  • Low Cost & Lower Power
  • Robust Long-Range Coverage
  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • Geolocation & Deep Penetration

LoRaWAN® Is the Right LPWAN

LoRaWAN® operates in unlicensed spectrum, enables long-range, bidirectional communication and is deployed in a star-of-stars network architecture whereby end nodes are not associated with a specific gateway, but transmit data to multiple gateways within its range.

  • Lower Latency
  • Less than 1 Second Response Time
  • Secure Transmission
  • Reduce Investment Cost

Milesight D2D Featuring LoRa®

Milesight D2D featuring LoRa® technology is a device-to-device communications link which does not use the LoRaWAN® network infrastructure, but enables LoRa® based devices to communicate directly with one another when they are in the same group.

Ecosystem for Energy Saving Operation
Reducing Costs and CO2 Emissions

Going Green in Transport

Going Green in Transport

Make electric vehicle (EV) charging management easy and practical.

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Transforming into
Modern Utilities

Smart Metering Solution

Make data-driven decision based on water/gas/electricity usage monitoring.


Driving Cost-Efficient Workplace

CoWork Smart Office Solution

Modeling Energy-Efficient Buildings

Smart Building Solution

Real-Time Workplace People Counting

Avoid “ghost” meeting rooms by real-time occupancy data with 100% anonymous detection.

Line Crossing People Counting

3D ToF People Counting Sensor

Count the number of people who are heading “in” or “out” with 99.5% accuracy and 100% anonymous detection.


Precise ON/OFF All Day Long

Precise ON/OFF All Day LongPut energy in good use through automatically control over light, air conditioner, fans and many more.

• Smart Light Controller
• LoRaWAN® Wall Switch
PIR Light Sensor
• Smart Portable Socket

24/7 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) & CO2 Monitoring

24/7 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) & CO2 MonitoringPinpoint right time to adjust ventilation and filtration by collecting data on temperature, humidity, CO2 and more.

• 3-in-1 IAQ Sensor
• 9-in-1 IAQ Sensor
Indoor LoRaWAN® Gateway

Centralized & Simple Management

Milesight IoT Cloud

Run on optimized energy usage based on alerts, reports, analysis and data-driven decisions.

HVAC & Ventilation

UC100 IoT ControllerReduce unnecessary cost in HVAC by effective and practical ventilation schedules.

Don't Know Where to Start?
Kick off IoT PoCs with LoRaWAN® Demo Kits

  • Complete and Convenient for Your Proof of Concept (PoC)
  • Fast and Flexible to Deploy and Develop within Just a Day



Don't Regret Not Getting It Sooner
Milesight Success Stories
Smart Commercial Building
  • Optimize IAQ and Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings in Canada
  • Address Challenges of Workplace Efficiency in Office Buildings in China

in Canada