EV Charging Station

EV Charging Station Solution

Run On! The Key Driver Towards Greener Future

EV Charging Station Solution

The Electric vehicles (EVs) are important parts of meeting global goals on climate change. Electric vehicles do not have tailpipe emissions and produce fewer wheel-to-wheel gases than vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

Growing demand boosts the market for EV industry. The need for expanded public fast charging continues to rise, especially among rural drivers who typically drive further than urban drivers. Beyond the well-known environmental benefits of EVs, it enables customers to better manage their fuel costs and utilities to protect the grid and deliver reliable service.

Decreasing vehicle emissions features prominently in decarbonization. To keep the planet from warming more than 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, most countries have goals to reach net zero by 2050.


Low Field Visibility High Downtime Unstable Connectivity

Low Field Visibility

Without real-time monitoring, many stakeholders will be delayed to receive the field data of EV charging and metering.

High Downtime

Some rural locations are far away from centralized control rooms, making operational control and maintenance a difficult task.

Unstable Connectivity

Every extra minute can cause cumulative delays. Poor or even average connectivity reduces utilization.


In a well-networked charging station, it not only facilitates a smooth energy exchange between vehicles and the power grid, but also allows the stations to connect and exchange data. In this way, the site owner or tenant can better set charging station policies, including pricing, access control, administrative privileges and advertising.

Cellular networks are able to provide connectivity in some of the most remote and challenging locations. Milesight cellular routers are perfect matches for stable and secure connectivity to the charging station platform via 4G LTE. Serial ports (RS232 & RS485) and I/O interface help you receive and transfer EV chargers’ voltage, current, power distribution and other operating parameters.


Built for Rugged Environments with Ease

Industrial-graded enclosure and wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +70°C) make it perfectly suit in the harsh environment.

Reliable and Secure Communication

Multiple options of VPN (IPsec, OpenVPN, DMVPN, GRE, L2TP, PPTP) with different encryption methods ensure the secured and stable communication.

Real-Time Monitor & Control via Cloud Platform

With centralized management, operators can respond to issues immediately, in the meantime achieving remote and real-time maintenance without involving additional labor costs.

Effortless Large-Scale Management via Milesight DeviceHub

Friendly interface to configure device, upgrade firmware in bulk and remotely.


Milesight Industrial Cellular Router





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UR41 Mini Industrial Router

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 EV Charging Station Solution 

1.Send Essential Data to Management Software Timely

Automated fail-over/fail-back between Ethernet and cellular (dual SIMs) feature ensures timely data transition.

2.Ensure Light Transmission of Large Data
With 2 or 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports in one router, minimum deployment can provide strong support
for large data generate from massive EV chargers.

3.Support Secondary Development

Embedded Milesight SDK (Python 2.7/C) helps secondary development in SSD/Micro SD card.


Advanced Management: Smart Parking Solution
Electrify your parking space with smart IoT solution. It offers real-time parking occupancy information.
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EV Charging Station Solution