iBox IAQ Kit

iBox IAQ Kit

iBox Kit: IAQ Solution

CO2 Detection and More

See Your Environment
Take action in an instant. With straightforward data directly shown on display and cloud platform, you can always stay informed and alert before it is too late.


Reinforce Your Health
Take care by all efforts. Wellbeing is influenced by factors such as temperature and humanity, as well as air that is free of irritants, allergens, and unwelcome odors.


Maintain Your Business Continuity
Take adjustment in time and plan ahead. Through reports and analysis, you can catch the problems that you probably ignored otherwise.

 Bring in Green Air OnLine

Evolved and Enhanced. Fresh Air Secured

Everything You Need Is Covered
From device to cloud, Milesight one-stop IAQ solution can help to reduce risk, alert you of unqualified issues, and sustain good conditions.
Evolved and Enhanced


  • Emoticon Indication
  • Light/Dark Mode
  • 9-in-1 IAQ Sensor
  • Traffic Light
  • Light/Dark Mode
  • Blind Spot Coverage
  • Listen Before Talk
  • Massive Connectivity
  • Customized Dashboards & Triggers
  • Multiple Intuitive Widgets
  • Analytics Visualization



AM103 & AM103L

3-in-1 IAQ Sensor
  • Light/Dark Display Mode
  • Itsy-bitsy & Eye-Catching
  • 2.13 Inch E-ink Screen
  • Vivid Emoticon Indication
  • Traffic Light Status Indicator
  • Anti-theft Design
  • Battery Powered up to 3 Years’ Service Life


9-in-1 IAQ Sensor
  • Light/Dark Display Mode
  • Palm Sized & All-round Capabilities
  • 4.2 Inch E-ink Screen
  • Vivid Emoticon Indication
  • Traffic Light Status Indicator & Buzzer
  • Anti-theft Design


Mini LoRaWAN® Gateway
  • Eye-Catching Design
  • Massive Connectivity
  • Blind Spot Coverage
  • Gateway Fleet
  • Listen Before Talk (LBT)


Milesight IoT Cloud

Pro1 Valid for One Year
  • Custom Multiple Combinations of Conditions and Triggers
  • Allow Admin to Check and Export Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports
  • Visualized Dashboard & Intuitive Widgets
  • Drag and Drop Experience & Full Screen Mode Available

Explore More and Customized Your IAQ Solution

At Milesight, we have help people worldwide to live in a safer and healthier space with IAQ solution. Learn how we’ve achieved this.

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iBox Kit