IoT North Conference

Discover Current Trends,
Inspiring Innovations,
& Exciting Developments In IoT

Making Connections That Strengthen The Future Of IoT For Canada


IoT North Conference is a two-day business & technical conference happening on March 30 and 31, 2022 In-Person & Virtually. Don’t miss this global event for Canada’s future in IoT with hundreds of companies and thousands of connections!

IoT North Conference is organized to be a gathering of the IoT Sector, inclusive of all its stakeholders. You’ll hear from government officials, business professionals and executives from prominently technology focused companies and associations such as: TELUS Business, Alberta IoT Association, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute, AIoT Canada, Economic Development Lethbridge, Attabotics, VizworX Inc., Spartan Controls, SensorUp, Pride at Work, Unimaize Technologies Inc., BDC, Department of Defense, Health cities, Ammolite Analytx, Olds College, SAIT, and more!


IoT North Conference is a world class, two-day business and technical conference featuring, deep discussion, collaborative content, and a vibrant marketplace for business. The conference will convey national and international perspective and insights about the IoT Sector through dynamic panel discussions, round table conversations and use case presentations. The exhibition will feature those innovative Canadian and International companies who demonstrate some of the best in Canadian Technology driving our economy and creating advancements and opportunities.


IoT North Conference will bring the IoT Sector together in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. For the first time ever, Calgary will host a large scale gathering of the IoT Community from Canada and abroad to engage in lively discussion, in-depth learning and collectively address the challenges and opportunities that the country is presented with in pursuit of a leading role in technology and IoT. 


With the ever-growing focus on technology and the impact of IoT in industries such as Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Manufacturing and so many others, Canada has a growing opportunity to focus its intentions and demonstrate its wealth of knowledge and talent in IoT. IoT North Conference is the place where you can network, make partnerships, meet clients, and get inspiration from the leading IoT stakeholders in North America. 


You can get involved by registering to attend as a delegate, signing on as an exclusive sponsor, or by exhibiting your latest tech at the two-day exhibition. Whether you’re interested in building your portfolio, showcasing what’s new and innovative within your company, or challenging and inspiring your colleagues, there’s a place for you to participate at IoT North Conference. 

Collaborative Transformation

Canada’s tech sector has been a driver for innovation in many notable industries and large scale applications.  Oil and Gas, Mining, Agriculture, Manufacturing, and others all utilize physical devices and advanced technology, connected to the internet to collect and share data or monitor and measure environments all in real-time: the Internet of Things – IoT. This moniker identifies a wave of technology that impacts almost every industry globally and is growing and expanding at an immeasurable rate.   

As we look toward the future and the impact of IoT (Internet of Things) around the world, Canada has a global opportunity to be a significant contributor to the advanced application of IoT, and a leading stakeholder that creates jobs and a significant economic contribution. With a collective and intentional effort from Industry, government, academia and the investment community, IoT can become a major component in the diversification of Canada’s economy.