Mobile Hospitals Monitoring

Milesight Helps Mobile Hospitals in Australia to Leverage Timely Access to High-Quality Medical Services

Mobile Hospitals Monitoring

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Mobile hospitals, just more than medical centers or small hospitals with full medical equipment that can be moved and settled in new places and situations swiftly (such as rural areas or disaster zones), is a big business that leverages timely access to high-quality medical services and transforms care delivery model. Therefore, in this case, Advance-NET (from Australia and New Zealand) seeks help from both Milesight (UR51 industrial router with Wi-Fi and GPS) and Milesight (NVR 1000 Series). Certainly, this cooperation will work out a wireless networking, location tracking and real-time monitoring solution in mobile hospital settings (you may be interested in other medical applications, such as noise monitoring).


  • Difficult to wire up routers in mobile hospitals due to the frequent change of locations
  • In need of 24/7 real-time monitoring inside mobile hospitals
  • High requirement on accurate location tracking via GPS
  • Insufficient bandwidth is sometimes a barrier to rural locations

Mobile Hospitals Monitoring


As a matter of fact, the integration of industrial routers and NVR (network video recorder) has maximized the value of wireless networking and real-time monitoring for mobile hospitals in non-traditional ways.

For example, with UR51 router connecting to the cellular network, engineers link a switch with an Ethernet port to the router. By doing so engineers are aiming to provide a network for both mobile hospital and NVR. Similarly, the featured 2.4G & 5G Wi-Fi will also offer pervasive wireless connectivity for better communication to/between medical staff as well as in case any emergency happens out there. Therefore, users can monitor remotely via cameras connected to NVR and track real-time locations or location history of mobile hospitals via GPS.

Mobile Hospitals Monitoring

Key Benefits

  • Increasing the accuracy, speed and outcome of health care and medical services
  • Avoiding unnecessary travel and expenses related to delivery of care at an urban medical center
  • Bringing a trend of transforming care delivery model 

Featured Products

Milesight UR51 Industrial Cellular Router

  • PoE capabilities with 9-48VDC at 802.3af
  • Dual band Wi-Fi complies with 802.11 b/g/n/ac
  • Extended operating temp from -40 to 70°C
  • Multiple Encryption Tunnels for Data Transmission Security
  • Scalable management with Milesight DeviceHub
  • 3G/4G/ETH Backhaul connectivity

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