People Counting

Line Crossing People Counting

Line Crossing People Counting

Line Crossing
People Counting

Referring to people which cross pre-defined regions, especially in entrances and corridors, it bidirectionally counts the number of people who are heading “in” or “out”. With accurate and real-time people flow statistics, energy saving, simplified space planning and improved strategic decision making are at the management staff's fingertips.

 Line Crossing People Counting


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Workplace, People Flow Analytics

Using the advanced Time of Flight (ToF) technology, the sensor can be applied to the doorways or corridors in commercial buildings to get real-time and historical people flow statistics. The overall space capacity and usage patterns will be clear, and it can be specific to some typical areas such as meeting rooms, offices, lounges, etc., which allows for understanding the workplaces through rich data to better allocate resources, avoid unnecessary energy waste and optimize space utilization. What’s more, the 100% anonymous detection by design alleys the fear of any privacy disclosure.


Business Running, Customer Flow Analytics

Business Running, Customer Flow Analytics

Any decision made without a data basis is not a wise one. The retail stores, supermarkets and shopping malls’ customer flows are of great concern for business running. Centering on the real-time and accumulated statistics, the operators can easily discover peak hours for the greatest sales opportunities and get conversion rates through the customer volume to have a better understanding of the business effectiveness. Furthermore, optimize staff management reasonably to fit the customers’ actual needs.


HVAC System Management

Based on highly accurate people counting, the sensor offers an efficient way to precisely control the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. The temperature should be regulated to ramp up or cool down when the people flow changes. So does the ventilation system. The smart linkage provides the spaces with thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality.

Transportation, Passenger Flow Analytics

The ToF-based sensor with an active ToF light source fits any traffic circulation environment even in low light conditions. It counts passengers getting on or off in real time to obtain statistics which will be valuable for optimizing operation. The peak hours with the largest passenger volume, the most crowded carriages, the less occupant carriages and all the other information get from the accurate people counting will be the basis to further make effective operational decisions. Adding more numbers during peak hours and adjusting energy allocation in the most crowded carriages will make the operation more practical-oriented to improve benefits.

Epidemic Prevention

Epidemic Prevention

The unoptimistic epidemic influences people worldwide. Avoiding crowds gathering will be a good way to lower the risks. Counting people in a specific space in real time to control traffic at a sound level makes for epidemic prevention. And the ventilating system which will be adjusted in light of the people flow rate guarantees indoor air quality.


LoRaWAN® Wireless Deployment Wireless deployment with low power consumption and long-distance transmission.

3D ToF Technology

Base on time-of-flight principle, it achieves accurate and anonymous people counting.

99.5% Ultra-high Accuracy

The 3D ToF technology efficiently increase accuracy rate to 99.5% by 3D depth information.

100% Anonymous Detection

The sensor is GDPR-compliant, which only gets 3D depth information and transmits with no PII involved.

Distinguished Lighting Environment Adaptibility

The active ToF light source realizes accurate detection even in complete dark environments.

Bi-Directional People Counting

Counting people in and out concurrently is beneficial for more accurate and objective Information.

Strong Local Storage Capacity

High-capacity of storing a million data locally.



Accurately Grasp Traffic of Spaces
Accurately Grasp Traffic of Spaces

The number of people in a specific space is under control through bi-directional line crossing people counting. With 99.5% ultra-high accuracy and 100% anonymous detection by design, the traffic of any space is precisely counted. As a basic data, the statistics can be extend to unleash diversify values.


Better Understand Space Utilization


Better Understand Space Utilization

By getting rich traffic data in real time and historical, the sensor brings an accurate full picture of the space capacity, discovering its usage patterns and states of being full, empty, over occupied or less occupied. The space layout, resource allocation and energy usage can be accordingly adjusted.

Intelligently Optimize Power Consumption


Intelligently Optimize Power Consumption

The optimum space energy consumption relies acutely on precise statistics. The electronics’ status and the HVAC system can be optimized in accordance with the changing number of people to achieve optimal power consumption.


Efficiently Get Data-Based Decisions


Efficiently Get Data-Based Decisions

The statistics-based analysis enables operators to convert people counting data to key elements of decision making. Different people flow of various time buckets efficiently activate business and management values for administrators.

Greatly Improve Indoor Air Quality

Greatly Improve Indoor Air Quality

It helps to keep the space occupancy at an optimal level for pleasing indoor air quality. The linkage with the HVAC system especially the ventilating system enables to make continuous adjustments based on the changing people flow, achieving the most easeful indoor environments.

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