Remote Machine Monitoring

Milesight Builds Stable Internet Connection for Remote Machine Monitoring in Mexico

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OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a “best practices” metric that measures manufacturing productivity factors, namely availability, performance, and quality. Reducing downtime, especially unscheduled downtime, and speeding up problem resolution, particularly in the case of a failure, are an essential part of leveling up productivity, minimizing the lost and improving equipment effectiveness. While the machine’s condition has a great impact on these factors, how to make the machine work properly is the primary concern of the manufacturer. However, manually checking the condition of each machine is a burdensome task and may lead to a delay. The implementation of remote monitoring and cloud management solution will make it easy to defense deficiencies like this.

Enabling 7*24 real-time remote machine condition monitoring is the best practice to against unplanned downtime and improve equipment effectiveness. And building a stable Internet connection is the fundamental part of the remote monitoring solution.

Remote Machine Monitoring


  • Industrial IoT Application
  • Machine-to-cloud
  • Remote machine condition monitoring
  • Cellular connectivity


Milesight helps Gesta Labs to enable machine-to-cloud Internet connectivity in Mexico, putting machines into the cloud to enable data insight and get early warning of any potential losses and take immediate action to prevent unforeseen production shutdowns.

Remote Machine Monitoring

Hardware List:

Industrial Cellular Router UR32

Remote Machine Monitoring



In this case, a Wi-Fi sensor node is put inside an injection plastic molding machine to monitor variables such as electrical current, temperature and vibration, then wirelessly sends the data to UR32 industrial cellular router via WiFi. Working as a Wi-Fi to cellular bridge, UR32 secures the real-time cellular connectivity. The data will be sent to the cloud platform to see trends and trigger alarms and notifications to prevent major downtime on equipment.

By adopting industrial IoT technology, engineers can check the conditions of each machine from anywhere anytime and quickly respond to any failure, making the factory smart. Remote Machine Monitoring


Remote Machine Monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Reduction of on-site visits
  • Machine uptime maximization
  • Stable Internet connectivity in rugged environments
  • Smart data insight 

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