Ronita Technology, as a pioneer tech company and manufacturer of Fiber Optic connections and a supplier of Telecommunication accessories, and provider of related test equipment and assembling tools has entered the world of IoT sensors in order to keep its progress up-to-date.


It is expected that by 2025 the number of IoT devices reaches 42 billion in the world and along with AI (artificial Intelligence) technology they will be a revolution in the way THINGS communicate with each other to provide better service to us.


Therefore, in order to reach our goal and have intelligent house/building and intelligent city/industry we will need the infrastructure for communication between smart devices with sufficient bandwidth and higher internet speed, which is only promising with development of Fiber Optic technology.


Ronita Technology plays an important role in linking the world of IoT Sensors and Fiber Optic communication technology together by utilizing its expertise in both areas to implement related projects and provide energy-efficient and cost-effective solution to problems where sensitivity and high performance are key.