VS121 AI Workplace Sensor

 April 2022

Q10: Can VS121 work without light?

Answer: At present, VS121 cannot support work without light. it is recommended that you use VS121 in a scene with sufficient light.

March 2022

Q16: Does the VS121 AI workplace sensor have loiter sensor to detect someone is waiting in the place for 3 minutes? Does it have line-crossing function? And if in a garage, can it tell me if someone walked in or walked out?

Answer: No, it is not currently supported as a loiter sensor, but it can support the function of over-the-line detection and record the number of people entering and leaving

January 2022

Q4: Wherever you need to count people entering the facility like rooms, service points, is there something you can offer?
Answer: Yes, VS121 supports line crossing counting feature. You can set where to draw the line and the sensor can count the in and out people numbers.

Q8: How much space the vision sensor can cover if the ceiling is 2.6m high?
Answer: The detection area at a height of 2.6m is about 60㎡.

Q10: For VS121,

  1. If the ceiling is 6m Can it count people?
  2. At what height, it can cover 12m diameter of detection area?


  1. Not suggest, the height of 6m may have a large error in detection.
  2. About 3.5m.

Q13: For VS121, is it possible to measure dwell time of people on the sensors?
Answer: No support, if necessary, please contact Milesight for this software customization.

Q14: How to place VS121 to support 190°Horizontal field of view area?
Answer: Place the side with Milesight Logo as the length for region detection. Besides, there is a positioning sticker on the sensor, but the you need open the top cover to check it.

December 2021

Q11: Can we use downlink command to configure VS121?

Answer: Yes, please upgrade the sensor firmware to V and later. About the downlink commands please refer to VS121 User Guide.

Q24: Can VS121 used for counting people in and out the door?
Answer: Yes, VS121 support line crossing detection, can used for counting people in and out the door on latest firmware.

November 2021

Q12: For VS121 sensor,

  1.  Is the sensor able to count number of opening/closing door or window?
  2.  What is the technology used to detect/count people?
  3.  How it reports the number of people?


  1.  Not supported now, you can achieve it in your own platform.
  2.  It bases on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to counting people.
  3.  It will report the number of people according to reporting interval. And you can set Report by Result, when it detects the number of people changed, it will report immediately.

Q13: Does VS121 support to change reporting interval and to be changed via downlink command?
Answer: No, it only supports to change the reporting interval via sensor's web GUI currently.

October 2021

Q4: About VS121:
  1. What is the recognition rate of VS121?
  2. What is the maximum detection range of VS121?
  3. Is it possible to distinct between male and females. Can the age of the persons also be determined?
  4. I see an example on the site that at a height of 3 meters there is 6 x 8 meters detection area. Can the meter also be placed higher and will the detection then be larger?
  5. Can we use the sensor at an entrance for people entering or leaving the store. (People counter)
  6. Can the VS121 also indicate the number of people per zone?
  7. If we place the VS121 at for example on 2.5 meters or 5 meters, can you indicate the margins of error?


  1. The recognition rate is up to 95%.
  2. When the height is 3m, the range is a 5m radius circle.
  3. Not support. VS121 is used for counting people based on heads and shoulders. If you have any project for it, please contact Milesight for the software customization. Besides, you can use Milesight cameras with face detection feature.
  4. Yes, the range will increase. But VS121 cannot ensure the 95% recognition rate.
  5. Not supported now, but we are evaluating this feature and maybe add this feature in next version, you can also try Milesight camera which has already supported this feature.
  6. Not support now, VS121 only detect the total people in detection area.
  7. For distance within the 3m, the recognition rate is about 95%; 5m is not suggested.

Q12: Can VS121 used for detection of social distance?
Answer: No, VS121 doesn’t have this feature currently.

Q19: Do you provide a way for us to upload training data to VS121 to recognize other objects?
Answer: No, if you have requirement to detect other objects, please contact Milesight about it.

Q21: Can VS121 measure the length of time how many people were in a room? Or do you only have time stamps with the number of people presence?
Answer: No, VS121 can only detect the total number of detect area now.

July 2021

Q2: What is the detection range for the VS121?
Answer: Taking the installation height of 3m as an example, the detection range is of a radius of 5 meters (approximately 78 square meters); the use scenes are mostly rectangular areas, and the largest rectangular area of 6m x 8m can be covered.

Q3: When using VS121, will it store personal data/image/photo/video?
Answer: No, there is no module for storing image data in the equipment. And Only counter values are transmitted over LoRaWAN® network, which can prevent the privacy concerns.

Q4: Is VS121 can detect in and out direction so that we can count how many people going in and going out as per pre-defined direction?
Answer: In progress. Please kindly contact Milesight about it if you have any application request for it.

Q7: What kind of technology is used of VS121 to detect amount of people in the regions?
Answer: It bases on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to counting people.

Q9: What is the Wi-Fi in VS121 used for? Can it be used for transmitting data?
Answer: Wi-Fi can only be used to connect and configure the VS121 and cannot be used for transmitting data.

Q15: Can VS121 reports immediately when the people counter changes?
Answer: Yes, it can be reported immediately when the number of people changes.