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1550nm 3port Circulator,0.9mm loose tube, with FC/APC connector, Fiber length ≥ 0.5m, Package Dimension: Ф 5.5×L50mm


  • Low Insertion Loss and high isolation
  • Low PDL & PMD
  • Optical path epoxy free
  • Telcordia compliant
  • RoHS compliant


  • EDFA
  • WDM system
  • Fiber optic instruments
Parameter Unit Specifications
Configuration   Port 1 to Port2 to Port 3
Operating Wavelength nm 1550±30
Insertion Loss Typical dB 1.00
  Maximum dB 1.20
Channel Peak Isolation Min dB 50
Channel Minimum Isolation Min dB 40
Channel Cross Talk Min dB 50
Return Loss Min dB 50
Polarization Dependent Loss Max dB 0.15
Polarization Mode Dispersion Max ps 0.10
Power Handling Max mW 300
Pigtail and connector Type   0.9mm loose tube with FC/UPC connector
Fiber Type   SMF-28e
Fiber length cm ≥50
Operating Temperature °C 0~ 70
Storage Temperature °C -40 ~ 85
Package Dimension mm Ф 5.5×L50
Wavelength Port Fiber Type Size Connector Type
13A:1310nm(A Grade) 3: 3 port 1: 250μm bare fiber 1: 5.5×L50(3 port) 0: Without connector
13P:1310nm(P Grade) 4: 4 port 2: 900μm tight buffer fiber 2: 5.5×L70(4 port) 1:FC/PC  2:FC/UPC
15A:1550nm(A Grade)   X: Customized   3:FC/APC  4:SC/PC
15P:1550nm(P Grade)       5:SC/UPC  6:SC/APC
        7:ST  8:LC  9:MU