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Based on MEMS technology, the Desktop Variable Optical Attenuator is featured with smart structure, low consumption and stable performance. Due to the significant applications in engineering, laboratory and production lines, the Desktop Variable Optical Attenuator is widely appreciated by our customers over the years.


  • Low insertion loss
  • High return loss
  • Epoxy-free in optical path


  • WDM device and module
  • Isolator
  • Circulator
  • Optical researching
Parameter Single fiber Dual fiber
  Premium A Grade Premium A Grade
Operating Wavelength (nm) 1310/1550 ,1260~1620 or Customized 1310±20,1550±20
Insertion Loss (dB) ≤0.18 ≤0.20 ≤0.30 ≤0.35
Return Loss (dB) 60
Receive angle(degree) ±0.15
Facula diameter(mm) <0.5
Optical Power Handling (mw) ≤500
Operating Temperature (°C) -10°C+70°C
Storage Temperature (°C) -40°C+85°C
Fiber Type SMF-28,MMF50/125um or MMF62.5/125
Fiber Length (Min.) 1 Meter Each End 0.25mm or 0.9mm
Package Dimension (mm) Ф 2.78*10mm or Ф 3.2*10mm or customized
Type Wavelength(nm) Grade Pigtail type Fiber Length In/Out Connector
SF=Single fiber 13=1310 P=Premium 1=Bare Fiber 1=1.0m 0=None
DF=Dual fiber 15=1550 A=Grade A 2=900um Tight Buffer 2=1.5m 1=FC/APC
  35=1310/1550   3=Ф 3mm Cable 3=other 2=FC/PC
  1216=1260~1620   4=2.0mm Cable   3=SC/APC
          4=SC/PC   5=ST
          6=LC/PC   7=LC/APC