Desktop Variable Optical Attenuator

Desktop Variable Optical Attenuator

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 Based on MEMS technology, the Desktop Variable Optical Attenuator is featured with smart structure, low consumption and stable performance. Due to the significant applications in engineering, laboratory and production lines, the Desktop Variable Optical Attenuator is widely appreciated by our customers over the years.


  • Low insertion loss * Low PDL
  • Wide attenuation range
  • Fast response
  • High resolution
  • Remarkable reliability


  • Sideband analysis
  • System loss simulation
  • Optical power calibration and verification
  • Scientific laboratory equipment
Parameter   Specification Unit
Operating Wavelength Range (Calibration)   1310&1550 mm
Attenuation Range Max 60 dB
Accuracy   ±0.3@.0-30dB / ±0.6@.30-60dB dB
Attenuation Resolution Max 0.1 dB
Attenuation Repeatability Max 0.2 dB
Stability Max 0.2 dB
Insertion Loss Max 2 dB
Return Loss Min 45 dB
Input Power Max 500 m/W
Fiber Type   Coming SMF-28  
Connector Type   FC/UPC or FC/APC (Customized)  
Power Conmnption Max 200 m/W
Supply Power   AC:I00-240V 50/60Hz  
Communication Interface   RS232  
Operating Temperature   -5~50 °C
Storage Temperature   -25-70 °C
Dimension   210x200x100 (LxWxH) mm
D-VOA Wavelength Range Attenuation Range Connector Type
  1 1310&1550nm 60 60dB 1 FC/UPC
  X Customized X Customized 2 FC/APC
      X Customized