DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexers)

DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexers)

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DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer) is based on a patented a thermal platform for optical devices. This multiplexer features ultra low insertion loss, superb thermal stability, and unparalleled reliability. The technology is a lead-free packaging platform and contains no epoxies in the optical path. KOC DWDM is Telcordia GR-1221 and GR-1209 tested, qualified for uncontrolled environment applications, and is in compliance with industry green initiatives such as RoHS and WEEE.

KOC can provide customized designs to meet specialized feature applications. KOC also offers modular assemblies that integrate other components to form a full function module or subsystem.


  • Widely Operating Wavelength Range
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High Channel Isolation
  • High Stability and Reliability
  • Insensitive to shock and vibration
  • Ultra Flat Wide Pass band
  • Epoxy Free Optical Path


  • System Monitoring
  • WDM System
  • Transmitters and Fiber lasers
  • Fiber Optical Amplifier
  • Fiber optic instruments
Parameter Specification Unit
Channel Wavelength ITU 100GHz Grid ITU 200GHz Grid nm
Channel Spacing 100 200 GHz
Channel Count Single 2 4 8 16 20 40 CH
Channel Passband(@-0.5dB bandwidth) Min 0.125 0.25 mn
Insertion Loss Max <1.1 (add or drop) 1.3 2.2 3 4 4.2 4.5 dB
Isolation Min >30(add or drop) 30 dB
>12(other) 40 dB
Passband Ripple Max 0.5 dB
Polarization Dependent Loss Max 0.1 dB
Polarization Mode dispersion Max 0.1 ps
Directivity Min 50 dB
Return Loss Min 45 dB
Insertion Loss Temperature Stability Max 0.005 dB/° C
Temperature Wavelength Drift Max 0.003 nm/° C
Power Handling Max 300 mW
Tensile Load Max 5 N
Pigtail Type white 0.9mm loose tube
Fiber Type SMF-28e
Fiber length ≥1.0 or customer requirements. m
Operating Temperature -10 ~ 70 °C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 85 °C
Package Dimension 100X80×10 & 141X115X18&5.5*36 mm

Order Information:

DWDM-3P Center wavelength Fiber Type Connector Type
C17~C61 (C-Band) 1: 250μm bare fiber 0: Without connector
L62~L09 (L-Band) 2:900μm tight buffer fiber 1: FC/ PC 2: FC/UPC 3: FC/APC
other 4: SC/PC S: SC/UPC 6: SC/APC
7: ST 8: LC 9: MU X: Customized