Fiber Array
Fiber Array

Fiber Array

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Fiberpark Fiber Arrays are fabricated with high precision V-groove substrate by Fiberpark unique assembly/polish process to get an excellent accuracy of fiber core position and perfect quality of polish surface.Fiberpark provides high quality Fiber Array to meet customers various demands with low insertion loss, high return loss and compact dimension.


  1. Provide FA in configuration 1ch / 2ch / 4ch / 8ch / 12ch / 16ch / 32ch / 48ch / 64ch
  2. Typical core pitch spec within ±0.5μm
  3. Pyrex/Tenpax/Quartz  / Silicon based material of V-Groove
  4. Window stripped process available


  1. PLC Devices: PLC Splitter, AWG
  2. MEMS
  3. Integrated Active/Passive Components
  4. Micro Optics Modules
  5. Variable Optical Attenuators
  6. Lens/Collimators Array