Fiber Optic Crimping Die

Fiber Optic Crimping Die


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Designed for use with our UC-8000 Universal Crimper, this crimping die is perfect for crimping FC, ST, SC, LC, SMA, and MT-RJ fiber optic connector collars. This die features the following:

  • Precision crimping grooves for perfect crimps every time
  • Compatible with our Universal Crimper (UC-8000) and most other crimping tools
Cable Type
Cable Type: Fiber Optic


Cable Type Fiber Optic
Crimp Size 0.151/0.178/0.134/0.139/0.190" (3.84/4.52/3.40/3.53/4.83mm)
Connector Type FC, ST, SC, LC, SMA, and MT-RJ Connectors
Weight 0.126 lbs (57.15g)
UPC No. 811490011328