Fiber standard reference test line

Fiber standard reference test line

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Fiber standard reference test line as a fiber optic patch-cord insertion loss test standard reference line, with high reliability, high stability characteristics, widely used in optical testing equipment, research institutes, laboratory agencies, optical devices, manufacturers, and other test areas.


  • High precision ceramic ferrule
  • High precision connector
  • High standard ferrule grinding geometric 3D control
  • precise control of concentricity direction
  • low insertion loss, low return loss
  • SC, LC, FC, MU, and other models


Item Unit Parameters
Insertion loss dB ≤0.1dB ≤0.1dB
Return loss dB APC≥65dB UPC≥55dB
2.5mm Ferrule grinding radius ROC mm 6~11mm 12~25mm
1.25mm ferrule end face radius ROC mm 6~11mm 7~20mm
Vertex offset um ≤30um ≤30um
Angle deviation ° 8±0.2 0±0.2
Fiber height um ±50
Concentricity offset angle ° ±45
Mechanical durability dB Change amount <0.20 dB, 1000 repetitions
Operating temperature
°C -40 to + 75