FIC Connector for FTTH Drop Cable

FIC Connector for FTTH Drop Cable

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FTTH Drop Cable FIC Connector (Field Installable Connector) is specially for single fiber FTTH drop cable filed termination. It provides efficient assembly and high-reliability connection to make it easy for the last meters optic cable termination for FTTH.


  • SC/FC/LC type available
  • Field installable, cost-effective, easy to operate
  • About 2 mins to finish per termination
  • Patent of precision ceramic U-groove alignment technology, average IL<0.2dB, reliable durable and superior optical performance
  • Factory pre-polished, no electricity required
Insertion Loss
Average≤0.2dB, Max≤0.4dB
Return Loss UPC:
≥40dB, APC: ≥55dB
One-time Assembly Rate
Assembly Repeatability
≥5 times
Life time
≥10 years
Average Assembly Time
3 minutes
Tensile Resistance
Operation Temperature
-40° C~+85°C


Connector Parts

1.Fiber locking tool 2. Connector 3. Cable clamp

Remark: Each connector has a fiber locking tool. It will be thrown away after assembled.


1. Dust-free paper 2. Cleaver fixture 3. Alcohol bottle 4. Cable stripper 5. Fiber stripper 6. Fiber cleaver


Tools 1 and 2 are provided with connector.

Tools 3,4,5,6 are optional. KOC can provide or customer buys by themselves