Hand-held Optical Attenuator

Hand-held Optical Attenuator

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High-precision digital decay series is developed in accordance with optical communication equipment engineering requirements. The Hand-held Optical Attenuator is based on MEMS technology, simple construction, and stable optical performance. The portable design is easy to carry in engineering and maintenance.


  • Large screen LCD digital display
  • 1dB Display resolution
  • 0~60dB variable attenuation
  • Low power consumption
  • Return loss more than 50dB


  • Communication engineering and maintenance
  • CATV engineering and maintenance
  • Optical device production and research
Parameter   Specification Unit
Operating Wavelength Range   1310&1550 mm
Attenuation Range Max 50 60 dB
Accuracy   ±0.3@0~40dB / ±0.5@40~50dB ±0.3@0~40dB / ±0.5@40~60dB dB
Attenuation Resolution Max 0.1 dB
Attenuation Repeatability Max 0.05 dB
Insertion Loss Max 2 dB
Return Loss Min 50(APC) or 40(UPC) dB
Fiber Type   Coming SMF-28  
Power Conmnption Max 100 m/W
Operating Temperature   -5~50 °C
Storage Temperature   -25-70 °C
Dimension   158×88×36 (L×W×H) mm
weight   150 g
D-VOA Wavelength Range Attenuation Range Connector Type
  1 1310&1550nm 50 50dB 1 FC/UPC
  X Customized 60 60dB 2 FC/APC
    X Customized X Customized