LC/PC Field Installable Connector

LC/PC Field Installable Connector

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Field Installable Connector (FIC) is a perfect solution for field working and FTTH connection. It is widely used for where need to quick connection, providing a quickly assembling and stable performance. When engineers work in field for installation, maintenance, repair of optical fiber, or FTTH indoor terminate, they can use it easily because it has no epoxy, no polishing. FIC is designed inside ferrule with fiber stuff and pre-polishing in the factory. It provides a perfect ferrule end face quality. This has great help to protect user’s equipment interface and reduce the connector loss.


  • Patent fiber alignment technology
  • High performance, high reliability
  • No Polishing, no electricity needed
  • Quick installation, easy for operation
  • High one-time assembly success rate


  • For 0.9mm indoor Cable field termination
  • For emergency fiber path repair
  • FTTH, LAN and other fiber optic system
  • LC type available
Item Technical Parameters
Applicable for Indoor cable 0.9MM
Optical fiber diameter 125μm ( 657A1 & 657A2 )
Tight buffer diameter 250μm
Fiber mode Single mode
Operation time < 100s
Return loss >-45dB
Fastening strength of naked fiber >4 N
Fastening strength of naked fiber holder >8 N
Tensile strength >10 N
Using temperature -40~+75℃
On-line tensile strength (20 N) △ IL ≤ 0.5dB △ RL ≤ 5dB
Mechanical durability (500 times) △ IL ≤ 0.5dB △ RL ≤ 5dB
Drop-off test (drop-off height 4m, once per direction, totally 3 times) △ IL ≤ 0.5dB △ RL ≤ 5dB