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MT-FA used in the parallel fiber optic module the connection to the optical lens and External Port. We use low

loss MT Ferrule, Corning G657A2 or Ultra fiber to achieve low attenuation. Total length’s tolerance ±0.15mm, MT

Ferrule’s tolerance ±0.05mm, are available to satisfy coupling in small space of the module


- Transmission rate: 40Gbps/100Gbps

- GR-1435 compliant

- Simple structure easy to locate

- Low cost

- Customized products available



- SFP+Active Optical cables

- Parallel light optical transceiver module

- Super computers

- Communication

- Military Application

- Data Centers

Parameter MT-FA Patchcord MT-45°FA Patchcord
Insertion Loss Typical:<0.5dB Maximum:<0.7dB Typical:<0.5dB Maximum:<0.7dB
Fiber type Typical: 0.20dB
Return Loss >20dB
Durability 500 Matings
Operating Temperature -40c to +85c
Length 20~100mm, and customized length