OptoNest Attenuation Fiber

OptoNest Attenuation Fiber

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OPTONEST specialty optical fibers are fabricated for WDM attenuator application with flat attenuation properties. The attenuation fibers have the potential to offer high reliability and stable input power endurance. OPTONEST attenuation fibers are designed to be used for plug and in-line types attenuators covering from 1240nm to 1600nm with 0.1~30 dB


Parameter Values
Core Diameter(μm) 8 ~ 9
Numerical Aperture(NA) 0.12 ± 0.01
Inner Cladding Diameter(μm) * 40 ~ 50
Outer Cladding Diameter(μm) 125 ± 0.5
Core to Cladding Concentricity Error(μm) ≤0.8
Attenuation 1310nm(dB/21 or 22.4mm) 0.1 to 30
Attenuation 1550nm(dB/21 or 22.4mm) 0.1 to 30
Attenuation Tolerance(%) ±7.5
Storage Temperature Range(-40℃ ~ 85℃ ) ≤0.2dB
Cut-off Wavelength(nm) 1200 ~ 1250
Operating Wavelength(nm) 1310/1550 (1200 ~ 1650)
Optical Power Endurance ≤0.2dB (@200mw)


Comparison Data:

Comparison of Measured Attenuation Data (dB) of Attenuation Fibers Manufactured by OptoNest, Corrective, and INO

The measurement was carried out using the OSA by one of the attenuator manufacturers in Taiwan.