SC SM Simplex FTTH Field Installable Connector

SC SM Simplex FTTH Field Installable Connector

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- Patent fiber alignment technology

- High performance, high reliability

- No Polish, no electricity needed

- Quick installation, easy for operation

- High one-time assembly success rate


- For FTTH Drop Cable field termination

- For emergency fiber path repair

- FTTH, LAN and other fiber optic system

- SC type available


- Ferrule hole V-groove alignment ensure the fiber core alignment error <0.5um. This will reduce connect loss.

- The V-groove has the advantage than V-groove when different fiber diameter are used. This will reduce the core offset between customers and stuff fiber.

- Outdoor optical fiber temporary connection

- Flexible fiber connect, high pulling resistance


Item Parameter
Insertion Loss Average≤0.2dB, Max≤0.5dB
Return Loss UPC: ≥40dB, APC: ≥55dB
One-time Assembly Rate ≥97%
Assembly Repeatability ≥5 times
Life time ≥10 years
Average Assembly Time 3 minutes
Tensile Resistance ≥30N
Operation Temperature -40ºC~+85ºC