General FAQ

April 2022

Q3: What's the meaning of RX2 Frequency and RX2 data rate on sensor settings?
Answer: These are the RX2(the second receive window) frequency and data rate which accepts downlinks from network server. There is usually not need to change it and you can keep it by default. About the receive window you can refer to class A type transmission introduction: lorawan-class-a-devices.


  1. Can we modify the random AppKey of the sensor?
  2. If I upgrade or reset the sensor, will the default value of random Appkey change?


  1. Yes, you can use ToolBox to change the Appkey.
  2. No, then you ask for random AppKey when purchase, the random AppKey will become default values and will not change after reset or upgrade.

Q12: Can I set the LoRa D2D configuration via sending the downlinks? Or I can only set up every sensor via toolbox.
Answer: You can only change LoRa D2D setting via toolbox.

Q13: Does milesight sensor support software update via OTA?
Answer: Not support yet.

Q14: Can US915/AU915/AS923 sensor support the spreading factor as SF12?
Answer: Due to the dwell time limitation of LoRaWAN regional document released by LoRa Alliance, these frequencies are not allowed set to SF12. If you still need this feature, please contact Milesight for details.

March 2022

Q8: Is there a way to disable this LinkCheckReq per downlink or to reduce the frequency?
Answer: Yes, you can disable Rejoin mode to avoid the additional messages after each uplink.

Q10: How to modify the LoRaWAN version of AM307, can it support 1.0.3/1.0.4?
Answer: You can modify LoRaWAN version via ToolBox software or App, it does not support 1.0.4.

Q18: How to connect milesight sensor to Datacake or Ubidots?
Answer: We can connect sensors to Datacake or Ubidots via TTN, please refer to this article: Connect Milesight IoT sensors to Ubidots via TTI

Q19: Can Milesight sensor be added to the Milesight IoT Cloud and the cloud platform built by the customer at the same time?
Answer: Not yet, and the premise is that our gateway needs to be able to connect to the customer's platform.

January 2022

Q9: Does WS52X have a function that if I send a command to turn OFF. The socket will turn OFF (for example 30 minutes) and it will turn back on automatically?

Answer: Yes, you can send downlinks to set a delay to turn on the power via , for more details please refer to WS52x User Guide.

December 2021

Q13: Will the signal be affected if we install the sensor inside a metal container? How can we avoid it?
Answer: Yes, closed metal container will decrease signal significantly. You can deploy gateway inside same container as well.

Q14: Does Milesight sensor have hazardous location classifications like C1D1?
Answer: No, Milesight sensors doesn’t have hazardous certificates for now.

November 2021

Q7: Does Milesight sensor and gateway support firmware upgrade over the air?

Answer: Milesight sensor does not support upgrade over the air and can only upgrade via Toolbox, and Milesight gateway can upgrade over the air if you connect it to DeviceHub.

Q18: In addition to calibration of CO2 through Toolbox app or software, is there any other method that can be used to calibrate CO2.

Answer: Yes, you can use downlink command ff1a00 for Factory Calibration Restored, and ff1a03 for Manual Calibration.

Q20: Can I work your devices with other manufacturers' LoRa sensors together?

Answer: Yes, definitely. Since they are all based on the standardized LoRaWAN protocol, so you can work our LoRaWAN sensors with other brands together in a same network, it's the same to the LoRaWAN gateways.

Q23: Can Milesight sensors work with Helium Hotspot?

Answer: Yes, any LoRaWAN compliant sensors can work with Helium Hotspot.

October 2021

Q9: For Milesight LoRaWAN sensors:
  1. What is the data usage?

  2. How is the information recorded and is API access offered? Is an additional price attached for API Access?


  1. The communication between sensors and LoRaWAN gateway is using LoRaWAN technology, will not cost extra data usage. Network data traffic is consumed only when the gateway interacts with other platforms. The data usage is depend on sensor packet size, report interval and the activity of gateway connection with other platforms.

  2. The sensor doesn’t have API, you can use MQTT/HTTP protocol to get sensor data from gateway, and will not cost extra fee.

July 2021

Q11: What is the LoRaWAN device type of Milesight sensor?

Answer: In order to save power consumption, Milesight sensor only works in class A.

June 2021

1. EM500-UDL sends only two parameters (battery and distance). How to get other sensor information like signal?
2. How can the end user identify whether the sensor signal is weak?

1. There are battery and distance value by default according to the default decoder. To get the full data details, you can add a custom decoder referring article How to Use Payload Codec on Milesight Gateway.

2. To identify whether the signal is weak, here are some data for your reference:

  • Good Signal: RSSI >-100dBm, SNR>5dBi
  • Normal Signal: RSSI >= -120dBm, -3<SNR<5dBi
  • Poor Signal: RSSI<-120dBm, SNR<-3dBi
Q4: Why the overall carbon dioxide value is in a downward trend from February to June?

Answer: Different atmospheric pressures in different seasons effect CO2 value and different temperature and humidity causes different atmospheric pressure. The lower atmospheric pressure makes lower CO2 value. And the Summer atmospheric pressure is lower than winter's.

Q5: Is there any way to connect sensors back to the gateway faster and automatically after the gateway reboots?

Answer: You can enable the Rejoin Mode, and modify all frequency channels on the sensor same as the radio of gateway.

Q12: How long is the warranty for Milesight sensor?

Answer: Milesight sensor usually has 1-year warranty. For more warrenty services please contact Milesight about it.