Fibre Optic and IoT Technology

We are a Canadian technology company that brings together the digital and physical worlds for the benefit of customers and society in fibre Optic and IoT space

Ronita Technology a local manufacturer

Ronita Technology Report, 2022 High speed internet and reliable networks are ...

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IoT Market Trend

The economic impact of the COVID 19 pandemic will impact global spending on the Internet of Things (IoT)

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Ronita Technology, as a
pioneer tech company and manufacturer ...

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Our Businesses

Ronita Technology is a Canadian technology company with a global vision that brings together the digital and physical worlds to benefit customers and society. Ronita Technology's vision is to become the biggest and most comprehensive one-stop solution in fiber optic and IoT space, both in research and supply/maintenance.

Garbage Monitoring system

Overflowing garbage bins have been another cause of concern for residents in developing countries.

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FTTH, FTN, FTTP Recent Developments

CommScope announced the addition of Fiber to the Home 2020 as part of CommScope Inc.

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