Fibre Optic and IoT technology

We are a Canadian technology company that brings together the digital and physical worlds for the benefit of customers and society in fibre Optic and IoT space

Fibre Optic Technology Overview

Market Size And Development

Market research valued the global fiber optical market at $7578 million back in 2019 and is now predicted to grow as much as $16390.6 million by 2025

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Emerging Fibre Technologies

Ronita Technology Report, 2021

Ontario - Energy company Hyperion Inc. has teamed up with the University of Science and Technology in Missouri and Ameren to expand research

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IoT Market Trend

Ronita Technology Report 2021

The economic impact of the COVID 19 pandemic will impact global spending on the Internet of Things (IoT),

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Helium – The People's Network

Ronita Technology vision
The company that built the world's first open source software development platform Hyperloop

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Ronita Technology Report

We have entered a world where WiFi and Bluetooth may no longer be the only means of communication

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FTTH, FTN, FTTP Recent Developments

Ronita Technology Research report


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Ronita Technology Research Article

LWAN networks have become popular with businesses and support a wide range of vertical products

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Our Businesses

Ronita Technology is a Canadian technology company with a global vision that brings together the digital and physical worlds to benefit customers and society. Ronita Technology's vision is to become the biggest and most comprehensive one-stop solution in fiber optic and IoT space, both in research and supply/maintenance.

Who we are


Vision 2021+

Vision 2021+ is our strategy to shape the next-generation Fiber Optic/IoT service provider in Canada. We are setting the course for long-term value creation through accelerated growth and more robust profitability with a simplified and leaner company structure.

Copper Switch off is the New Norm

In short, the decision to invest in fibre optics - optical communications technology - and to stop investing in copper-based communications systems is to shut down copper. Copper shutdowns are the new norm, but how and why have telecoms companies decided against investing in fibre?

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Introduction to OM3 & OM4 Fiber

Multimode fiber is highly appreciated by Ethernet users, but has gained acceptance in other markets where it offers users the ability to extend connection distances, increase network reliability and reduce costs without centralized electronics.


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How to Choose a Gigabit Network Switch?

Gigabit network switches are one of the most widely used devices on the market today. Type "Ethernet Switch" into any online shopping site or search engine to select a Gigabit Network Switch for your home, office or business network. 

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