Helium – The People's Network

Ronita Technology vision is to push IoT on Helium network in Canada and North America  

What is Helium- The People's Network?

The company that built the world's first open source software development platform Hyperloop has announced the launch of its first public beta version. The company that is building the world's first public beta software development platform announces the release of the first publicly available version of its flagship helium. Sources: 1

The Helium Hotspot is designed to provide an incentive mechanism to give something back by helping to build a decentralized Internet of Things. Its owners can earn tokens for connecting to passing devices or simply existing as nodes on the network and connecting to devices. In an incredibly simple setup, Helical Hotspots are connected to a wireless network and can earn the cryptocurrency "helium" on the go. We have a helium token that provides an incentive mechanism for this, as well as the ability to access the public beta version of the helium network itself. Sources: 7, 13, 16

Anyone can join the People's Network and earn rewards by connecting to a helium hotspot and providing wireless coverage. Sources: 10

Helium has created hotspots with blockchain embedded, allowing them to create incentives to build the network. Hotspot owners can earn a new cryptocurrency called helium for building and transmitting IoT devices and data, Helum says. Helium coins are used to reward them for building a network for data exchange between their devices, as an incentive to build networks. The network is also made possible by the ability of our patrons to use the coverage on a large scale and provide the necessary infrastructure such as electricity, water, electricity and other infrastructure. Sources: 0, 9, 11, 12

Helium Tabs is also working on the company's blockchain-based reward system, says Haleem, and hotspot owners are being rewarded with helium cryptocurrencies. Every time a helium hotspot performs a network action, it is rewarded in the form of a helum token, which makes the entire network tick, says Mong. Currently, you can exchange Helia tokens for data credits that allow devices to surf the Helical network. Sources: 3, 6, 13

Hotspot owners just plug in and connect to an existing Wi-Fi network, and that happens automatically. It is really not necessary to get a helium hotspot and connect it, it disappears and it is up to you to create a network that other companies can use. I will also note that Helical is still good if you do not want to buy a helium hotspot. Sources: 3, 13, 16

To provide incentives for users and security, Helium has developed a blockchain called "Helium Network Tokens" that benefit the people who run its hotspots. I assume this will give customers additional confidence in the Helum network, which means that the hotspot can continue to function and communicate even after leaving the business. To use the helium network on your device, you must have registered a gateway in your wallet. Now they make money selling their hotspots, but they have a smaller and smaller share of the profits from the removal of the "helium tokens" in the network. Sources: 3, 4, 13, 15

So far, the team is focusing on expanding the demand side in 2020 by making it easier for devices to connect to the helium network. We want to launch the People's Network in Europe and eventually bring it to consumers there, "Haleem said. Sources: 8, 18

Helium needs people to set up hotspots (base stations) on houses and business premises to build the network. A trial network is already in place in Wales and the helium option offers the opportunity to build a network without massive investment from local authorities and governments. Sources: 10, 16

Hotspots act as miners on the helium blockchain, offering incentives to anyone to set up a hotspot and earn a new cryptocurrency ("helium HNT") by building the network and transmitting data via IoT devices. Helium's open source blockchain technology encourages individuals to use helical hotspots, which simultaneously degrade the cryptocurrency and provide access to a network of thousands of hotspots in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Hotslots are constantly challenged by the blockchain to prove their coverage, and they have a score that dynamically varies between 0, 0 and 1. Sources: 2, 5, 17

After a huge success following the release of the People network, the company was inspired to create IoT devices. Since Semtech and Helium announced their collaboration, more than 10,000 helium hotspots have been sold, facilitating the rapid growth of the helium network. After the release of the first helium hotspot in Austin, Texas, was delayed in October 2015, the company has already sold 80% of it in its first market, Austin, Texas. Of the 80 hotspots that were originally in production, 1,500 have now sold out, according to the company. Sources: 2, 5, 6, 19

Instead of using large and expensive cell towers, helium allows people to connect their devices to their hotspots by creating peer-to-peer community connectivity (P2P). This also means more people will have the opportunity to buy and build hotspots on the Helum network, which is now attracting more demand for the network. 

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