LC SM Bare Fiber Adapter
LC SM Bare Fiber Adapter
LC SM Bare Fiber Adapter

LC SM Bare Fiber Adapter

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Bare fiber adapter is mainly used in insertion loss test of optical pigtails and all kinds of devices. As long as a simple assembly of the bare and fiber adapters, it can be finished at the other end or whole fiber insertion loss test. Reusable is the basic function of bare fiber adapters, KOC provide bare fiber adapters four main type of SC, FC, LC and ST, all the number of repeated use of more than one thousand times. Simple and easy to assemble, small size, durable, long life, is one of the indispensable to optical fiber testing device. 


  • Fiber optic link test
  • The production workshop components test
  • Temporary test equipment, and link
  • Test equipment
  • FTTX


  • Various receptacle type
  • Automatic clamping device
  • Easy to operate
  • Repeated use


Item Specification
Insertion Loss <1.0dB
Repeatability <0.20 dB typical change
Life Time ≥1000 times
Ferrule ID Φ125.5um/ Φ126.0 um
Working Temperature -20 to + 75˚C
Operating Temperature -40 to + 85˚C