A Safer & Healthier Space with IAQ Solution

It is designed for everyone who cares about the air they breathe.

How did you response to COVID-19? We’ve kept ourselves safe and healthy by careful protection yet without effective information. Now it’s time to be out of the woods.

At Milesight, we help you and your people to live in safer and healthier facilities. Towards that end, real-time data about air quality is essential. And that starts with our one-stop solution for indoor air quality (IAQ).


Bouncing Back to Secured Study through CO2 Detection
School IAQ Solution Success Stories Worldwide
Globally, COVID-19 noticeably raises awareness of indoor air quality (IAQ), especially for students and education practitioners across the educational stages. Check how we can help you to smash stale or polluted air adversely.

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Ensuring Health of Occupants Everywhere
Indoor air quality impacts us all regardless where we live.
Get comprehensive understanding of your IAQ.

Promoting Safety for All in Better Ways

IAQ Solution Success Stories



IoT Solution Deployed for
Aged Care Facilities


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Seeing the Air for Robust IAQ Insights 

Use our comprehensive products to customize a IAQ solution to fit your needs. Our IAQ sensor can monitor the air people breathe in as occupancy fluctuates and people interact.

AM103 Indoor Ambience Monitoring Sensor

AM104 Indoor Ambience Monitoring Sensor

AM103L Indoor Ambience Monitoring Sensor

3 in 1

  • Light/Dark Display Mode
  • Itsy-bitsy & Eye-Catching
  • 2.13 Inch E-ink Screen (AM103)
  • Vivid Emoticon Indication (AM103)
  • Traffic Light Status Indicator
  • Anti-theft Protection
  • Battery Powered up to 3 Years’ Service Life (AM103) / 4 Years’ Service Life (AM103L)

7 in 1

  • Compact Sized & Delightfully Affordable
  • 2.13 Inch E-ink Screen
  • Visual and Intuitive Display
  • Powered via USB Type-C (AM104 & AM107)
  • Battery Powered around 1 Year Service Life (AM107) / 1.5 Years’ Service Life (AM104)

9 in 1

  • All-round Capabilities
  • 4.2 Inch E-ink Screen
  • Light/Dark Display Mode
  • Vivid Emoticon Indication
  • Traffic Light Status Indicator & Buzzer
  • Anti-theft Protection
  • Powered via USB Type-C (AM307 & AM319)
  • Battery Powered up to 3 Years’ Service Life (AM307)

Pair up our products to unlock features

LoRaWAN® Gateway

UG63 LoRaWAN GatewayUG63 

UG65 LoRaWAN GatewayUG65

UG67 LoRaWAN GatewayUG67

Mini LoRaWAN® Gateway

  • IP30
  • Powered via 1 × 802.3af standard PoE input 2. 5V by Type-C Port

Mini LoRaWAN® Gateway

  • IP65
  • Powered via 9-24 VDC Jack Connector/1×802.3af PoE Input

Mini LoRaWAN® Gateway

  • IP67
  • Powered via 12 VDC M12 Connector/1×802.3af PoE Input
  • GPS supported

Stunning all around

  • SX1302 LoRa Chip
  • Multiple Backhaul Connectivities
  • Multiple Frequencies Available
  • Embedded Network Server


Milesight IoT Cloud
Stay informed and control from anywhere
  • Custom Multiple Combinations of Conditions and Triggers
  • Allow Admin to Check and Export Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports
  • Visualized Dashboard & Intuitive Widgets
  • Drag and Drop Experience & Full Screen Mode Available

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Unlock a safer & healthier place through ventilation and air quality
IAQ Brochure

Clean air in indoor environment means healthier, more productive people. See how our IAQ Solution gives you the insights to make the safer and healthier decision.